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  • Vera&John Casino Review

    One of the really impressive things about smart phones is how easy they make it to fill up stretches of otherwise unusable time. Mobile games of many sorts make it possible to waste away stray minutes in fun, entertaining ways, helping to recharge players’ minds and energy levels as they progress throughout their days.

    For others, even more compelling opportunities await. Mobile casinos have come a long way in recent years, and they offer the kinds of experiences that can be perfect for enjoying when a little gap opens in a schedule. Couple that fact with the convenience and ease of funding accounts with Bitcoin or other distributed currencies, and gambling on the go is becoming a really attractive proposition.

    At the Vera&John casino, users can see the truth of this claim in pretty impressive ways. A first visit to the site has new players looking at a simple, straightforward screen that offers directions for anything they might like to do next. That might mean learning about the site’s policies or gambling offerings, which is easy to do, or simply heading right off to the virtual gaming tables to lay down some wagers.

    Players who choose the latter route will quickly find themselves having fun. An impressively well-stocked secondary screen lists the site’s many gambling offerings, with everything from longtime favorites to games that will not be found anywhere else. In every case, these games come with clear instructions to players that makes it simple both to get started and to figure out how best to form strategies later on.

    All of this would make for an excellent at-home gambling experience. The important question to mobile users, of course, will be that as to how easily and quickly players can get in and out. Fortunately, the casino’s operators have obviously thought this through, as firing up the site, sitting down at a virtual table, and playing a few hands or rolls of the dice can all be accomplished in minutes.

    That makes the site a great choice for those looking to fill a few idle minutes with some excitement. In addition, players can smoothly transition to the desktop version of the site when they finally get home at the end of the day, making it an excellent overall choice for the most dedicated.

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    pdsBorn March 23, 1962, in St. Die in the Vosges mountains, Didier Spindler experienced the desire to paint when he was very young.
    His first exhibit was held at Vittel in 1977; he was then 16 years old. The subjects of his canvases were the mountains, snow-capped peaks, and houses nestled in the valleys of the countryside of his childhood.

    He later settled in Montpellier, and, together with his mother, opened a shop specializing in antiques, collectibles, and art. His love of beauty was his guide , and he devoted much time and energy to this venture.

    He painted less and less…
    In 1985, he vacationed for the first time in the West Indies. And there,he experienced a shock…the unique colors, light, fragrances, and landscapes awakened in him that which had lain sleeping; his art, his Colors of Life.

    His meeting there, with Jean-Paul, seemed predetermined. They decided, in 1989, to create what would become the most well-known restaurant in the Caribbean: Les Deux Gros !
    From then, everything happened quickly. Didier displayed his paintingsthere, and one evening, Nicole Giret was dining at the restaurant, and noticed the canvases. She invited him to exhibit at his gallery – Art Plus. It was a big success!
    Encouraged by Nicole and her (or his ?) friends Didier immersed himself more and more in his art.
    He went on to exhibit several times at Point-a-Pitre, Paris, and Les Saintes, and each time his work was well-received, and the crowds were bigger.

    tubesDidier and Jean-Paul left Guadeloupe to settle on one of the tiny islands of it’s archipelago – Les Saintes. In the town of Terre-de-Haut, they bought a small hotel and restaurant, and Didier established his studio and gallery. “Les Petits Saints” is a charming accomodation, well-known for the warm welcome Didier reserves for his guests, and also for the artist’s considerable culinary talents!

    In 2000, at his most recent exhibit in Paris, at the Salon des Peintres de l’Outre-Mer, he was named a painter laureate, and honored with an award. He has had no apprenticeship, or formal training. His portfolio,now containing many paintings – both large and small – is a chance result of inborn talent and spontenaity.

    Influenced by the designs surrounding him, immersed in the ectascy of beautiful days, and affected by other, unexpected elements of his subject matter, the perfect touches appear in his paintings. These are not the result of academic schooling, but rather the magic of the brushstroke, the perfect rendition of the moment, and harmony with his world… Didier is on familiar terms with the rainbow…


    “I live inside my paintings….
    For me, to paint is to wrap myself in the dreams that haunt me, to float in the memory of places and things, to be at the edges of reality,immersed in poetry and imagination. When painting, I am making love to the canvas; my paintbrush speaks what is in my heart.
    A smile costs nothing, yet gives so much, enriching he who recieves it,without impoverishing he who gives it. It may last only an instant, but it’s memory is sometimes eternal. No one is rich enough to pass one by; no one is too poor to deserve one.
    These paintings are a gift to all those who share smiles…. A heartfelt gift of happiness from me, a lover of life, who found myself “at home” in the West Indies.


    To paint the West Indies is to love them. The Caribbean reflects a luminous and sunlit palette, an outrageous flowery bouquet that combines the blood red of the hibiscus, the green, yellow, and orange of the madras piled up in the market-place, the pink and mauve of cascading bougainvilla,the fragrant whiteness of the frangipani, the tender blue of the sky, and the turquoise and salmon pastels of the island homes.
    These primal, vivid colors are the result of decrees made by ancient gods of the Caribbean tribes, who designated the ocean as deep blue, the forests emerald, and the sun eternally gold.
    Christopher Columbus dreamed of finding rivers flowing with thousands of gold nuggets. Those who came after him were mindful of the blood shed by their predecessors in search of this gold. They were content to make a gentle landing, after their long voyage, and to be enriched by the beauty and peace offered by the islands’ sheltering coves.
    My painting is shaped by the passion I feel for the world that surrounds me. Thus my canvas reflects all that I am – my nature, my stature, and my joy for life.
    My sensibilities are heightened by contact with this environment so rich in colors… The Colors of Life.
    My painting exposes reality, jostles the imagination, and yet never distorts the subject.”


    Didier Spindler

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  • Gallery


    I enter my paintings.
    To paint is to inhabit a dream, to float in memory of a place,
    a thing, a moment of daily life ; I make love to my paintings.

    To paint the West Indies is to love them for all their Colors of Life :
    blood red of the hibiscus, madras plaids of market days, pastel house fronts,
    white waterfalls, ping and mauve bougainvillas, frangipanis…

    An artist is directed by hidden forces… He brings forth flowers with no stems,
    captures birds with no sheltering branches, asks the almond to flower in winter,
    and sprinkles snow on hot sand.

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